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Hello, my name is Stephan and I am a London-based photographer available for various collections; wedding,  portrait, maternity, newborn. I also offer a ‘corporate‘ collection for businesses on request. I love capturing beautiful and special moments; freezing them in time so you can look back on them in years to come. My aim is to bring out the heartfelt emotions and personality of the individual, couple, or family that I am working with, make their experience unforgettable, and their photos something they can treasure for the rest of their lives. I’ve always been fond of photography from a very young age. I find that beauty can be found in many places and I immediately want to capture moments before they pass. I make it a personal and professional goal to meet and exceed your needs and requests on all occasions. I would love to hear from you! To get in touch with me please visit the contact page.
  • Portrait/Individual: £80/hr
  • Couples/Engagement Sessions: £100/hr
  • Maternity: £100/hr
  • Newborn: £100/hr
  • Event (Wedding/ Birthday/Other): £100/hr
  • Corporate: £100/hour

-Minimum 2 hours.

The price for each collection includes all images .

Please contact me if you need more information.







How do I place my order?

Please use the contact form or email me with your request. I will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote to confirm the collection you are going for. Once we’ve picked a day and you’re happy with everything you will be invoiced for 30% of the cost of your package as a non-refundable deposit. Once payment has been received, all that is left to do is prepare for the day!

When will the full balance be due?

You will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance on your order once the photoshoot has taken place . This balance must be paid before you can receive your chosen photos.

How long in advanced do I need to book?

Ideally 2-3 weeks in advanced, but in some circumstances 1 week may be enough depending on my availability. Newborn shoots are only available on weekends. Please contact me to check.

What happens if I need to cancel/reschedule?

You may choose to reschedule up until the day before the initial date (24 hours). If you decide to cancel please bear in mind that the 30% deposit you paid when making your booking was non-refundable so you will not be able to get this back.

What should I wear/How many outfits can I wear?

Personally, I prefer lighter colours as they allow more light to reflect which gives an added natural radiance to the photos I take. However, I believe you should feel totally comfortable on the day so don’t worry too much and just go with your natural instincts! If you struggle to decide on one ‘perfect’ outfit, don’t worry either, it’s always nice to have 2 or even 3 three outfits for the photoshoot to give a little more variety and shake things up a bit. So, in a nutshell I would say anything between 1-3 outfits depending on how many times you are prepared to change.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Other than your extra outfits (if you will be changing) this is not compulsory. However, I always find that a few props can really help to add that extra something to your photos and bring out your personality. They can be anything you want; for example, a book, hats, a bag, balloons, a guitar, flowers (in your hair or to hold), sunglasses…anything you think reflects you and can add some interest to a few of the images; and don’t be afraid to ask!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes you can. Although I would have to limit it to just one other person as too many people can get distracting. One friend could be useful to help you with props/outfit changes, hold your bag etc (of course you would have to let them know how wonderful they are by treating them to lunch afterwards).

How many photos will I get as part of my collection?/What if I want more?

The price you paid for your collection includes the following amount of images: Portraits – 25 photos; Couples – 25 photos; Maternity – 25 photos; Newborn – 25 photos; Engagement – 25 photos; Corporate – all photos. If you want more than 25 then you will be charged for the extra photos. I have a separate pdf of prices for this so if you are interested in finding out the additional costs let me know.

Will I get to see all the images?

Yes of course. Once the photoshoot has taken place I will be sorting, editing and putting together a pdf proof of all the images to send over to you. This is what you will use to select your photos.

How will I get the images that I select?

I will use either dropbox (or wetransfer if you do not have a dropbox account) to send you the original files. If you would prefer to get all the images on a CD please make sure you notify me in advanced.

How long will the photoshoot take?

Usually 2/3 hours depending on the outfit changes and locations involved..

Who choses the location(s)?

This is up for discussion. If you have a place in mind or somewhere that means something to you, you can of course let me know and I will also suggest a few locations that I think will be best for you. The final decision from both sides so that everyone is happy.

How long after the photoshoot will I get my photos?

Within 1 month. Typically speaking you will get it sooner, but I always say 1 month to manage my client’s expectations.

Why does it take that long?

Some people can assume that the workload ends once the photoshoot is over and they expect to get their images immediately or shortly after. This is not very accurate and can lead to confusion if you are not aware of the process that occurs once the images have been captured. There is infact a lot of time spent on admin, sorting and editing the images. I like to think of my photography as a wholesome service; that when you book a session with me, you are not only paying for a photoshoot and the resulting images, but also for excellent customer service. I prefer not to rush and take my time over the images to make them perfect for you! Of course, once I send over the proofs, it then depends on how quickly you decide on what images you want to keep. So with everything in mind, I think 1 month is a good window of time to manage everyone’s needs and expectations. I hope you are really pleased with the end result and enjoy the images for a long time to come.

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