30 April 2018

Dubrovnik – Croatia

TOP THREE HIGHLIGHTS 1. The Sea – Water Sport Activities  The Sea is as clear as it can get – Crystal clear. The moment you look at it, you just want to jump straight in. Sandra and I had in mind to do some water activities as we both love trying things we haven’t done before – especially if they involve an adrenaline rush! For reasonable prices you can try out some cool things like Kayaking and Parasailing (what we chose to do!). I recommend trying out these two water activities, as they give you a great view of Dubrovnik from a another perspective. Doing them during sunset would probably be even better but we decided to do both in the morning as it was less crowded. There were just 3 other couples when we went Kayaking which was a really nice group size. The best part of the Kayak tour was when we stopped off in a cave for lunch. We were given an hour to eat, relax and have a swim in the hidden beach in the cave. We also had the opportunity to try scuba diving and a cliff dive (but we weren’t mentally prepared for the cliff dive part- NEXT TIME!) For Kayaking – > CLICK <   For Parasailing and other activities – >CLICK<   2. Hiking- The views This was our first ever major hike together, and it couldn’t have been any better. There is a cable car to take you up…but I recommend taking that on the way back down and braving the hiking experience to the top as it is SO MUCH BETTER! The view is great when you reach the top via cable car but we found that he cable wires and cable cars disturb the full view. If...
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