35 years together! How blessed it is to live that long with your soulmate. The smile in their eyes says it all. My mum is a Superwoman. She battled with cancer 2 years ago and fought her way out through it. Recently, the cancer came back again… but I know for a fact she will fight it out again. God gave her the strength and faith she needs and has always stuck by her side. She has been a true role model in my life, she made me see God through her eyes. By her side is my Dad… always being positive and not letting any downside effect him and our family. His faith in God has empowered our family to stay strong at all times and not take any moment in our life for granted. I can’t thank God enough for giving me these parents. I feel God’s presence through my parents and I thank them for teaching me the way of life through God and Love.

London Photographer

London Photographer

London Photographer

London Photographer

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  1. Love to see the happy and blessed family of you! Sending warm wishes and God Blessings for your ever loving parent’s 35th Wedding Anniversary!!


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